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Antipasto Olive Mix


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Delicious right out of the jar, this mix makes a super-easy tapenade, too!  Just put the jar contents into a colander, drain well, pull the stems off the pepperoncini and put all contents into a food processor.  Drizzle in as much oil (olive or grapeseed) as you like and process until you have the texture you like, from coarse to fine.  Keeps well in the 'fridge.  Wonderful, complex tapenade spread for crackers or crostini and great on sandwiches instead of mayo.  Knead into meatloaf for a deliciously different take on an old family favorite!


Heat level 1 to 2 on a scale of 0 to 10 (from mild to very hot)

Jar size 22 oz.

Product Code: Anti

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