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Spicy Raspberry-Syrah Preserves with Chipotle Chiles


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Rich seedless raspberries blended with syrah wine reduction complemented by subtly smoky chipotle. Unforgettably tasty on nut butter toast, brie, goat & cream cheeses. Undeniably delicious on salmon, lamb, pork, duck, roast turkey & (surprise!) chocolate ice cream!  Enjoy this super-easy appetizer see below:spread whipped cream cheese on your favorite cracker or crostini, place a piece of smoked salmon on the cream cheese and top with a spoonful of the Spicy Raspberry-Syrah Preserves.  Serve and enjoy the compliments!

heat level 3-4
(Heat level indicator: 0 = mildest, 10 = very hot)

Jar Size: 11 oz.

Product Code: SpicyRaspberry-SyrahPreserveswithChipotleChiles

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