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Gourmet Atomic Frog Balls

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Think you know Brussels sprouts? Taste these spicy dill pickled babies & think again! These aren't your mama's Brussels sprouts.  Outstanding in Bloody Marys (seen above) & martinis, great with beer & full-bodied red wines.  Enjoy in sandwiches & salads! Little sister Bonnie at age 6 said, “They’re round like meatballs & green like frogs – these are Frog Balls!”

Heat Level  4 - 5   
( Heat level indicator: 0 = mildest, 10 = very hot)

Jar Size 16 oz.

Product Code: GourmetAtomicFrogBalls

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Pleasant indeed

The frog balls are a pleasing (indulgently)alternative to an olive garnish in either a gin or vodka martini.The store where I've bought them can't keep them in stock apparently

Larry :: May 02 2012, 22:32 pm

Yee Haw Nummy!

We bought the first jar in Kernville, CA, and have to keep them on hand as snacks and conversation starters. I LOVE sprouts, and these are a natural offshoot with a fun name, a funny look, and an outstnding flavor. My only suggestion would to be to mke them in three heat levels, from wimpy to macho!

fredzo :: Sep 02 2011, 01:33 am

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